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Contentity Ltd. is a web solutions company
based in the UK. Our expertise is in designing, developing
and deploying stylish, functional and highly flexible web sites and web applications.

We recognise the importance of not only creating an effective online presence but also maintaining it. We produce template-based web sites that can easily be customised, localised, modified and maintained.

We offer managed content services (we manage the site for you) and content management solutions (we help you manage it yourself) that not only help you get your web site up and running, but also keep it running and up to date.

Open Standards

We believe in creating systems that are compliant with all the relevant open standards. The aim is to produce web pages that are attractive, functional and accessible to all.

We embrace modern technologies that enhance the user's browsing experience, such as Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and Javascript. However we also ensure that the user interface degrades gracefully, providing an acceptable and readable result on less functional browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer), printers and handheld devices.

Open Solutions

We use and produce Open Source software wherever possible, while also respecting the needs of individual customers to maintain their intellectual property rights and protect their trade secrets. We believe that open solutions are ultimately best for the customer, removing any vendor lock-in or licensing restrictions that dictate what you can and can't do with the solution we provide for you.


Contentity Ltd. was founded by Andy Wardley and incorporated as a limited company in the UK in August 2005.

Andy is best known in the industry as the author of the Perl Template Toolkit. This Open Source software package implements a template processing system which is used to generate content for thousands of web sites around the World, ranging from the very small to the very large.

Andy was previously employed by Canon Research Europe where he worked on the research, development and commercial deployment of web related technologies.

He has provided design, development and consultancy services to a wide range of organisations and has been involved in the production of dozens of successful web sites.